Flanged Injector

flanged quill teflon kynar hastelloy ss pvc injector quill


Flanged injectors are designed for single point injection (either through a flat or bayonet style end fitting).

Inyo’s flanged injectors are designed to fit into a flanged additive port. The diffuser flange is sandwiched between the flanged port and a mating blind flange or flanged pipe.

typical flanged injector installation

Injectors provide an effective method of chemical diffusion by injecting in the turbulent flow stream toward the center of the pipe. Injectors are offered in a range of chemical compatible materials, and will keep corrosive chemicals away from the pipe walls or additive port fittings. Teflon injectors are an excellent choice for concentrated sulfuric acid injection!Chemical injectors are available in a variety of materials including:

  • Teflon
  • Kynar
  • 316L S.S.
  • Hastelloy C-276
  • Titanium
  • PVC
  • CPVC
  • Fiberglass

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Inyo Process also can offer double flanged injectors.  This style of injector with a blind flange is common, however typically are higher cost, as these require additional components and welding, and may require hydrotesting and additional testing of welds.  

 Double Flange Style Injector Data Sheet  (35 kb)

Additional information on choosing an injector can be found at Choosing an Injector or Chemical Diffusion System .


 flanged chemical injector  matrix


flanged injector drawing bayonet flat end

plastic flanged quills



Typical Installation

Typical Flanged injector installation supporting polymer injector

To support a polymer injector (PVC, Kynar, Teflon) install a longer nozzle in your pipeline that extends within 2-6" of the tip of the polymer injector.  You gain the strength of steel, and the chemical resistance of the polymer.  Perfect solution for injection chemicals into large diameter pipelines.

RTJ flanged Injector  

RTJ Flanged Injector

Teflon Lined Flanged & NPT Injectors

teflon lined injection quill

 ptfe lined injector

sulfuric acid injector

Perfect for injection of concentrated acids in large diameter pipelines where injectors need strengthening to reach the center of the pipeline  and resist the turbulent water forces.

Teflon lined injectors are suited for injecting corrosive liquids such as concentrated 98% sulfuric acid or sodium hypochlorite.The outer support piping (Typically stainless steel) provides the support needed for longer injectors to inject in the turbulent center of the pipeline. The inner teflon lining can handle the heat of dilution of concentrated sulfuric acid Both threaded and flanged end fittings are available to easily connect to your chemical feed system.

Options include:

  • Other polymeric liner materials including  Kynar PVDF and PVC/CPVC.
  • Outer support piping available in nearly all materials.
  • Additional sizes are available.  Contact Inyo for more details.
  • Available in ANSI 150#, DIN, British and Australian flange systems.

 ptfe flanged injector lined injector

connecting flange to injectorconnecting npt to flange connection

typical installation of teflon lined injector

Typical injector installation


download teflon lined injector drawing Download Teflon lined injector part number matrix drawing (30 kb)

teflon ptfe lined sparger drawing


Example of Custom Flanged Injection Quills

teflon injection quill

A PTFE injection quill designed for a 2" 300# flange connection with schedule 160 nozzle piping.  Attached to an 18" pipeline designed for a waste water application in a Northeastern U.S. refinery, this injector handles a flow of 2 gph of concentrated sulfuric acid used for  pH adjustment.  The injector is designed to extended 6" into the pipeline and the large diameter design can withstand the water velocity forces in the pipeline.

tank injector ptfe for sulfuric acid

These injectors were used for injecting concentrated sulfuric acid into large process water storage tanks.  These stainless steel supported PTFE injectors provided a "shower head" arrangement halfway into the tank-Taking a stream of concentrated sulfuric acid and breaking it into a series of smaller streams for better distribution and reaction with the water.  The entire assembly fit through a single flange located on the top of the tank. A mechanical tank mixer in the tank provided additional mixing.

This custom engineered flanged tank injector (Hastelloy construction with a PTFE liner and PTFE nozzles was designed to inject sulfuric acid into a higher temperature tank.  This design successfully resists the corrosion that occurs with sulfuric acid at higher temperatures.


process water injector

full teflon lined injection tee with all ptfe check valve assy

Shown is a PTFE lined injector for sulfuric acid injection into a low pressure steam/water line.


pvdf injector with flanged connection

A PVDF (Kynar) injector that uses a PVC flanged connection to reduce the cost.  Used for dilute acid injection into reactor


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