Polymer Injection into Sludge for Dewatering

Inyo Process has a range of solutions for dispersion of dilute polymer into a sludge or slurry including:

  • Sludge Injection Disk
  • Sludge Injection Spools for Mining Tailings (at bottom of page)

Sludge Injection Disk

 Sludge Wafer Injection Disk for Polymer Injection into sludge
(Shown) Sludge Wafer Disk sandwiched between flanges (injection port not shown)

Designed to specifically for mixing polymer to sludge applications before dewatering, this wafer injector distributes polymer evenly throughout the sludge.  Sludge Wafer is designed to fit between 125# or 150# flanges.

Sludge Wafer Injection Disk distributes polymer and provides some mixing to the sludge

Typical sludge wafer disk (10" dia.disk shown) designed to provide even distribution of polymer.  Shown with optional manifold assembly

Typical Sludge Injection with mixing


Provides excellent mixing for sludge/ polymer mixing.  Flocs are not damaged as the mixing shear is applied to the Flocs while they are still in the initial “pin floc” stage, and for short duration1.  

Non-plugging, single opening design with no place for fibers or small debris to hang up in wafer.

Able to pass debris up to ½ the size of the pipe diameter. 

Multiple Injector-The 4 injector ports are position to inject polymer evenly throughout the sludge.

No Fouling--Injectors are beveled and sloped to provide no place for sludge to hang-up as it pass this injection wafer.

Easy installation-Sludge Injector Wafer is sandwiched between flanges.

Easy inspection.  Simple to remove the wafer by removing the bolted connection and slipping the wafers ports are angled to provide no polymer distribution be sandwiched between flanges, the wafer injector provides a simple means of adding injector ports to a piping system.Improve existing injection systems by using multiple injection points

Ease of Use.  Fits into an existing piping without welding.

We can provide wafer injectors that will fit in all domestic and foreign flanges including:ANSI/ASME B16.5 125# & 150# flanges, AWWA C-207, DIN, British Standard, and Australian Standard.

If you need a special version –Contact Us! 


1The EPA Suspended Solids Design Manual recommends flocculation criteria for water treatment sludge using alum or iron coagulants in flow-through flocculations G up to 100 sec-1 Gt ranging from 30,000 to 150,000

Sludge injection wafer disk 

Sludge Polymer Disk injection drawing





   PDF download sludge wafer injector disk Click here to download drawing (30 kb)

 polymer injection into sludge stream

Injection wafer designed for polymer injection into sludge.  Integrated tapered injectors allow for even dispersion of polymer and  enhance turbulence in sludge to ensure full distribution of polymer through the (4) ports.  Non-fouling design.  Full flange design including bolt holes.

methanol addition to slurry stream

Special slurry injection system with a flanged port for injecting methanol into a slurry stream. The tip of the injector evenly distributes the injected fluid across the the pipe diameter.  Non-fouling design.



Polymer Injection System for Mature Fine Tailings (MFT)

Oil Sands mining creates many unique problems for polymer injection.  The amount of sludge that needs to be treated dwarfs any other sludge/slurry application.  The silt-soup that is created is nearly 1.5 times the quantity of oil extracted.  When injecting polymer, even minor improvements in the efficiency of the use of the polymer can create large cost savings for the end user by reducing polymer consumption.

 MFT sludge injection system

The Inyo MFT sludge injection system is designed for the unique challenges of this market.

Advantages include:

  • Spring Loaded Stainless injectors.  Large debris such as rocks and wood debris passes by without damage to the injection system.
  • Angled Injection System.  The injectors are angled with the flow of material.  The results is a higher efficiency of polymer dispersion throughout the pipeline compared to an injectors that is 90 to the flow.  With the use of a higher pressure injection system,  a large “jet mixing” affect can be achieved without any downstream mechanical mixers or other equipment.
  • Sealed injector internals.The injectors are designed so that all sensitive components such as bearing seals and torsional springs are sealed in the base of the injector.  This prevents the abrasive fouling fines from damaging the injector.
  • Easy access to the injectors. The injectors are built into the port cover.  It is a simple procedure to remove and inspect or replace an injector without removing the pipeline spool.

polymer mixing mining tailings sludge



  sludge polymer mixing click on the image to download an information sheet. (33 kb)






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