Flanged Chemical Diffusers

Multi-Orifice Design

FLANGED MULTI HOLE DIFFUSER flanged injectors & diffusers


Flanged diffusers are designed to fit into a flanged additive port. The diffuser flange is sandwiched between the flanged port and a mating blind flange or flanged pipe.  They provide an easy method of distributing chemicals throughout the entire pipe diameter.

Sized for each application, they will include a multitude of orifice holes along the injector. 

These smaller holes distribute chemicals throughout the pipe.Long service life with low maintenance-scaling liquids not issue due to thin wall/large diameter

As these chemical diffusers can be designed to be supported at both end of the pipe, PVC, Kynar and Teflon diffusers can have much longer solution tubes than the typical cantilevered unsupported diffuser.  

Teflon diffusers are an excellent choice for concentrated sulfuric acid injection!

Chemical diffusersare available in a variety of materials including:

  • Teflon
  • Kynar
  • 316L S.S.
  • Hastelloy C-276
  • Titanium
  • PVC
  • CPVC
  • Fiberglass

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Typical Installation Detail

flanged diffuser installation detail

supported PVC diffuser

For longer length diffusers constructed from plastics, such as PVC, we can provide a metal support tube which allows for longer unsupported lengths.  Ideal for larger pipelines and channel diffusers that require both a longer diffuser and the corrosion resistance of plastics.  Great for Chlorine solutions, dilute acids, etc. 

This PTFE lined Hastelloy tank diffuser was custom built to distribute concentrated sulfuric acid at higher temperatures across a tank diameter.


Jet Mixers

jet mixing - jet mixer

A jet mixer is created by using on or more nozzles or orifices to create a high velocity counter flow in a pipe or channel.  This countflow jet creates considerable turbulence and mixing shear that results in a highly effective method of diffusing chemicals.

Jet mixers can be used for:

  • Flash mixing of coagulants such as alum
  • Disinfection including chlorination and chloramination
  • Gas/liquid dispersion including aeration, CO2 addition for pH control and ozonation

One of the main advantages of a jet mixer is the simplicity of the design.  The capital costs are low, and there are no moving parts except for the pump.

Typical jet mixer or Jet diffuser schematic 

Typically a jet velocity of 20-30 ft/sec is used to properly disperse the chemicals.

Jet mixers use a high velocity injection flow submerged in a fluid to create turbulence and mixing shear which dissipates the energy.

Inyo Process can provide a range of solutions for tailored for your application.  Give us a call!

Drawing of a Typical Jet Diffuser Layout

Details the General Arrangement of a typical multi-orifice injector set-up with carry water

Jet diffuser

pdf Download this paper (23 kb)

Chemical Injection and Sampling
Chemical Injection and Sampling
Chemical Injection and Sampling
Chemical Mixing
Chemical Mixing
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Liquid into Gas
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Gas into Liquid
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Concentrated Acid Solutions