Injection Wafer

Injection Wafer Disk Typical Wafer Injector Installation

Designed to be sandwiched between flanges, the Injection Wafer provides a simple means of adding injector ports to a piping system. The wafer injector can accept threaded injection quills and retractable injectors (corporation stop style),



Allows for inserting injectors without damaging interior finishes/coatings or linings of piping.Multiple injector port design allows for adding non-compatible chemicals by injecting at different positions in the pipeline.Ability to install both threaded injection quills and removable corporation stop style injectors that can be removed while the system is under pressure.Improve existing injection systems by using multiple injection points

Ease of Use

Easy installation of injectors into an existing piping without welding.

Available with injection quills in all materialsAvailable with Flanged ports.We can provide wafer injectors that will fit in all domestic and foreign flanges including:ANSI/ASME B16.5 125# & 150# flanges, AWWA C-207, DIN, British Standard and Australian Standard


Special wafer injector

Shown above is a special Kynar/Stainless Steel Diffuser version designed for a slurry pilot bioenergy facility

If you need a special version –Contact Us!

 injection wafer mixing tee Part Numbers


 mixing tee thumb    Download brochure describing the Inyo Process Injection wafer (580 kb)

 Wafer injector drawing Download the PDF of the standard wafer drawing Download the standard injection wafer drawing (46 kb)



Custom Injection Wafers

Inyo can offer a customized wafer to meet the requirements of your application.  Below are some examples of custom injection wafers

acid addition to produced water


This all CPVC injection wafer uses a series of Hastelloy spring/ceramic ball check valve injectors and injection wings to allow for even dispersion of the injected chemicals.  A number of chemicals were added to a produced water treatment facility in an oilfield.

oilfield injection

 injection wafer

This ring style stainless injection wafer uses nipples to ensure that the connections are readily accessible from outside of the flange perimeter

Used for injecting dilute polymer into a belt press dewatering sludge application.


pvc wafers with integral injectors

These full diameter PVC injection wafers include integrated injectors



Chemical Injection and Sampling
Chemical Injection and Sampling
Chemical Injection and Sampling
Chemical Mixing
Chemical Mixing
Liquid into Gas
Liquid into Gas
Gas into Liquid
Gas into Liquid
Concentrated Acid Solutions
Concentrated Acid Solutions