High Pressure Injectors

Inyo offers a range of injectors -both fixed and retractable that can be used on high pressure applications.

RTJ style flanged injector

 RTJ style flanged injector



Retractable injector


The Inyo Retractable quill Injector allows for chemical injection and sampling applications at pressures up to 1800 psi and temperatures to 550 degrees F

The standard installation allows for  insertion depths of 6 and 12”.  With a wide range of injector/nozzle  and end configurations, this robust system can easily be adapted to meet your most demanding applications.


Easy insertion and retraction allows for inspection or replacement without shutting down the process pipeline

The external frame allows for precise depth and orientation of the quill

Maximum flexibility.  The injector can be configured for your special applications including adding a nozzle for liquid into gas stream dispersion.

Adaptable to both liquid and gas stream applications

Inconel/graphite packing provides durable service under severe conditions


  • Injection of corrosion inhibitors into pipelines
  • Atomizing liquid into gas streams
  • Sampling systems



Insertion quill diameter 1/4”  I.D. [ 6 mm] available in 316 SS or Hastelloy C-276

Support Hardware Stainless Steel

Gland and injector body: Carbon Steel

Packing: Graphite with Inconel support wire

Note:  Injector should be connected to a gate valve (gate valve to be provided by others)

 Download High Pressure Injector brochure 


high pressure retractable injector

 Multi-Hole Sampling Probe