Venturi Eductors

cpvc venturi eductor

 CPVC Venturi


Venturi Eductors

Works by forcing water through a conical body which initiates a pressure differential between the inlet and outlet ports.  This creates a vacuum inside the injector body, which creates suction at the injection port.  The chemicals that are injection are rapidly dispersed through this high velocity “rapid mix” section. 


  • Can be used for drawing liquids into a chemical feed system without the use of a pump
  • High chemical diffusion (up to 95%)
  • Excellent choice for gas/liquid injection (Ozone, CO2, Oxygen, Air)
  • Does not easily plug or lose efficiency over time compared to a porous injector        
  • No moving parts
  • Low cost

flanged SS venturi eductor


Flanged SS venturi eductor

Eductor Specifications and Sizing Guide

eductor drawing       Eductor Performance Data      Eductor Sizing

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Eductor Drawing (52 kb)  

Eductor Performance Data (32 kb)

Eductor Sizing Guide (31 kb)

SS stainless venturi eductor w unions


kynar pvdf eductor venturi

Kynar (PVDF) Venturi Eductor


PVC Venturi Eductor


PVC Eductor

pvc eductor



Dilution System Using a Venturi Eductor

The dilution system shown below is for diluting 12.5% sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) to a more stable 3-5% concentration solution for potable water disinfection.  The eductor combines the two flows of potable water and concentrated NaOCl and thoroughly mixes the flows before being stored in a storage tank.Turning the dilution system on is simple.  The water valve is turned on.  This motive water will draw the concentrated NaOCl from a tank or carboy without the use of pumps.

Bulk sodium hypochlorite dilution system

Drawing of eductor based dilution system  pdf  Eductor based dilution system panel (21 kb)


Batch Mixing Using a Venturi Eductor

Mixing chemicals with venturi eductor--batch process

Download Batch Dilution Diagram

Download Batch Dilution Drawing Download Batch Dilution Diagram (25 kb)

 powder eductor for wetting a granular powder

Powder Eductor for wetting grangular chemicals in a recirculating tank