Porous Gas Injectors

Porous metal sparger

Inyo Process’ line of porous metal seamless injectors create bubbles smaller and more numerous than a drilled pipe or other types of spargers.  With greater gas/liquid contact area, the time and volume required to dissolve gas into liquid is reduced.

The most important factor when injecting gas into liquid is to increase the surface area of the gas to ensure fast absorption into the liquid.  This is accomplished by reducing the bubble size, which creates many slow moving, tiny bubbles that result in a large increase in absorption.

The advantage of the Inyo Process injectors is the tight and consistent pore structure to all of our stainless steel gas injectors.  This consistent pore structure provides a high bubble point which results in tiny, consistent bubbles.

All stainless construction lasts for years.  The durable all –welded construction will remain trouble free for many years.  Often the porous injectors can be easily cleaned using a ultrasonic bath.

gas liquid injector

 Shown above is a 2" diameter x 24" long porous injector.  Inyo can provide a variety of sizes ranging from 1/2" diameter to 6" diameter with all types of end fittings and configurations

Inyo Process can provide a variety of styles.  If you need a nonstandard size or special fitting, or specialty metals such as Monel or Hastelloy C-276, we are able to provide solutions.

Materials of construction: 316L stainless steel porous media, 316 stainless steel hardware. Filter element 100% leak tested to bubble point.


Sizing Information


Filter area

3/8" Ø element: 1.1 in2 per inch of porous length

1/2" Ø element: 1.57 in2 per inch of porous length

3/4" Ø element: 2.35 in2 per inch of porous length

1" Ø element: 3.14 in2 per inch of porous length


A Standard Porous Diffuser Configuration.  The Internal/External thread combination allows easy installation in pipelines and tanks.



 flanged porous sparger

A 300# flanged diffuser with extension pipe


porous tube with nipple

Examples or porous tube configurations



Porous Metal Injector & Sparger Sizing

sizing gas injector

This paper describes the sizing of a porous stainless steel sparger or injector.

Download this paper (193 kb)



Standard Porous Sparger Drawings

 threaded porous sparger

Internal / External Threads endfitting

Download PDF below 

male end NPT porous sparger

Male NPT threads endfitting

Download PDF below 

porous sparger with tube plain end

Tube plain endfitting

Download PDF below 

1/2" Diameter Spargers (PMT5 series)

1" Diameter Spargers (PMT10 series)

2" Diameter Spargers (PMET20) up to 10" long

2" Diameter Spargers with support tube (PMMT20) up to 47" long

1-1/2" Diameter Spargers (PME15T) up to 10" long

1-1/2" Diameter with support tube (PMMT15) up to 39" long


1/2" Diameter Spargers (PMTU5)

1" Diameter Spargers (PMTU10)



Pipeline Spargers

 Installing a porous injector in a pipe will always result in greatly reduced bubble size.  The gas will exit from the outside of the porous injector, and the bubbles are immediately sheared by the liquid, resulting in very tiny bubbles and greater absorption.

Download drawing showing pipeline sparger configurations (23 kb)

oxygen injector porous sparger diffuser

Injectors can be mounted across the pipe diameter



Full diameter injector used for injection of oxygen into pipe to improve aeration

corporation stop style porous gas injector removable under pressure


Porous Stainless Steel Injectors are also available as removable corporation stop style.These type of injectors can be removed while the system is under pressure.Call factory for more details




External Spargers

external tangential velocity removable spargers


We can also supply a complete line of external spargers, which use high-shear tangential forces to produce a stream of micro-bubbles.



Call factory for sizing and application information