Channel Diffuser & Injector Grids

Channel Diffuser Aqueduct diffuser injection systemDesigned for maximum versatility, these injectors can be located along a walkway, strut, suspension cable, or in large bodies of water--floated in a distribution grid.

Channel diffusers have the advantage of virtually no pressure drop.  Excellent for channels or aqueducts where there is no additional head available for mixing.  Without any power requirements, or complicated mechanical mixers, good diffusion of chemicals can be achieved using a simple grid of injectors.

Tank and channel injectors provide even distribution of chemicals in challenging applications including:

  • Open channels or aqueducts
  • Basins
  • Large tanks
  • Reservoirs


Excellent for:


  • Chlorination & chloramination applications
  • Coagulants/flocculants
  • Biocides/algaecides
  • pH adjustment

Injectors are available in a range of styles and materials and can be provided with flexible check valves for scaling liquids.Call us to discuss your application

  Inyo Process offers a channel diffuser that is removable for inspection or cleaning.  We can offer it with a scalloped angular support plate that further disperse the chemicals throughout the channel with virtually no pressure drop.