Solving Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Dilution Problem for Refinery

refinery for acid mixing clarifier requiring pH control with acid injection




A Southeastern oil refinery had difficulties with the pH control of their waste water clarifier.Concentrated sulfuric acid was mixed with water to dilute the acid before final injection into a waste water channel.


The original system used a polyethylene bucket to mix the concentrated sulfuric acid with water for dilution before final injection into the channel.

original acid mixer that caused problems with Graver Clarifier


As the sulfuric acid was heavier than water, the acid would sink to the bottom of the bucket, and the dilution water would go directly into the channel.After the acid built up in the bottom of the bucket, a slug of acid would be forced into the waste water channel, causing considerable problems with the pH of the waste water.



An Inyo Process Mixing Tee and Teflon lined piping system was installed in the piping to replace the bucket.The mixing tee was designed to ensure complete dilution of the acid through the use of an eductor design and a series of flow control orifice plates.The acid was immediately and thoroughly mixed as it was injected into the channel.pH control of the waste water became a highly accurate process.